Everyday Inspiration: Out Monterey way

Surtex prep is well in the works while I set aside a just-finished collection, and how nice to have had a little break this weekend where we got down to Monterey for an event.  Gorgeous, but windy, spring was everywhere in sight.  While I gathered a lot of reference for my coastal collection, we both also took tons of photos of those things that are inspiring in spring, flowers and blooms and birds.  Have a gander…


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7 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration: Out Monterey way

  1. Hey, nice! I feel like I went to Monterey this weekend, instead of rainy Boston. Those loaded so fast, did you lower the rez?

  2. Carol, thanks for the reminder that in spite of everything, it’s still a beautiful world we live in. You’ve captured some of the best of it! Thank you.

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