Weekly Wrap-up

Well, first of all, the winner of the lunch bag tote by random number generator is “Ben”.  I’ll get in touch and send it off!  Thanks to those who participated and we’ve decided  to do a monthly giveaway…just because its fun!

Second of all, we have some things going on in the blogosphere.  My custom designed banner is still up on Fat Quarterly.  Take a gander if you haven’t had a chance, it won’t be there forever!  They also have a great blog to follow http://www.fatquarterly.com/blog .  The Prudent Baby Tokyo Rococo vest tutorial ended up on an Italian site, bebe , which was fun. To check it out, click HERE.   The Stamp Shack Lady did a tutorial on Cinch Bags using Tokyo Rococo HERE and one for rosettes and a pillow , see HERE and is doing a giveaway of the projects HERE!  And Jamie Kalvestran, a marvelous artist and pattern designer is on the way with some cool project with Tokyo Rococo, HERE, and stay tuned…There are more projects in the works.

In the meantime,  I am finishing up a to-be-named new collection which is yummy but you’ll have to wait, and working on booth and banner design for Surtex as well as adding to my holiday and coastal collections for the show. AND we have our marvelous goddaughter visiting this coming week who was such a help interning here last spring, I can’t wait to have her here again.  She will also be helping us at the Surtex booth, providing her boundless enthusiasm to keep us and no doubt anyone nearby thoroughly amused.  (That would be the laughing part of the gate)  I’m going to see if I can get her to do a guest post….

Now onto my next post…This Week’s Blog I Dig.  Let’s see what some of my faborite blogs are up to…

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